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SEO in 2014?

What link building strategies are good for SEO in 2014? 

Google is continually updating their algorithm and increasing restrictions by releasing updates like Penguin, which penalize many websites for using unnatural ways of building links. 

Formula of SEO Trick in 2014 = Quality Content + Quality of Link

#1 Create a good Content Strategy 
#2 Create High-quality Info-graphics 
#3 High-quality Web Directory Submissions
#4 Use skyscraper technique of building Links
#5 Social Media is the Future
#6 Sponsor and Support Events
#7 Give and Take Interviews 
#8 Sponsor Non-Profits for the world
#9 Give testimonials for Products & Services you Use
#10 Share your Audio with Your Fans
#11 Submit Your website to Blog Aggregators
#12 Comment on .edu & .gov Blogs
#13 Update Niche Resource Pages
#14 Link Building with PDF's

Link-Building Methods to Avoid

# Paid Links 
# Article Directories links 
# Reciprocal Links 
# Link Wheels 
# Spam Commenting
# Free press Release Websites 

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