Tuesday, December 3, 2013

About Keywords Match Types

Broad match
Words in your keyword, in any order, as well as words closely related to your keyword. For example: if your keyword is red flower, it's triggered by a search for red flower, flower is red, crimson flower.
Broad match modifier
The word with the broad match modifier "+" must be in the search query or other input. For example: if your keyword is Hawaii +Hotels, its triggered by a search for Hawaii Hotels, but not Hawaii Rentals. To learn more, see The power of the broad match modifier.
This feature is only available for ads in English and French. If your desired language or location is not yet supported, keep checking back, we’re always expanding.
Phrase match
Words in your keyword in the same order as a customer's search query or other input—even if other words are present in that query. For example, if your keyword is "red flower", it's triggered by a search forbig red flower, but not yellow flower.
Exact match
Words in your keyword match a customer's search query or other inputexactly. For example: if your keyword is [red roses] its triggered by a search for red roses.
Content match
On pages in websites that are part of the content network, when those pages contain a word or words in your keyword, your ad title, or the ad text.

Example: Using Keywords matching options..........

Broad match
women's hats
include misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations
buy ladies hats
Broad match modifier
+women's +hats
contain the modified term (or close variations, but not synonyms), in any order
woman's hats
Phrase match
"women's hats"
are a phrase, and close variations of that phrase
buy women's hats
Exact match
[women's hats]
are an exact term and close variations of that exact term
women's hats
Negative match
are searches without the term
baseball hats

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Latest SEO Interview Questions and Answer

Question 1.What is the Difference between Google Panda and Penguin Update?
Panda Update - This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful.
Penguin Update - This Update was designed to remove/down the websites from index which were doing much more that white hat optimization like creating too many low quality backlinks, use of aggressive exact match anchor text, overuse of exact match domains, blog spam and low quality article marketing, keyword stuffing etc...
Question2. What is topic modeling? – Topic Modeling is a technique used by search engines to clearly analyse and identify the large volume of text on a webpage. Read more about topic modeling here: http://www.tdktech.com/topic-modeling
Question3. What is Pagination in SEO? – Pagination is the practice of dividing a piece of content into different pages while at the same time allowing Google to better understand the important pages to be indexed. Read the Google's advice on using the pagination.
Question4. What are rich snippets? – Rich Snippets are the combination of structured data displayed in Google search results for better relevancy to the user and more data at a glance. Rich snippets are shown after google identifies any microformats (http://microformats.org/) structured tags embedded in your webpage coding, on sept 20th, 2012, Google also launched the new Rich Snippets testing tool and named it the structured data testing tool
Question5. What are URL parameters? – URL parameters are the values/attributes passed in the URL of a webpage to fetch any data from the database or to alter the order/structure of data displayed on the webpage, This is an important thing to consider while doing SEO for websites which uses URL parameters, especially e-commerce sites because these many times creates the duplicacy of content, you can handle this duplicacy using the rel canonical attribute and the Google webmaster tools, read more about configuring URL parameters in Webmaster Tools.
Question6. What is A/B testing and Multivariate Testing? – A/B testing is the testing of a webpage by creating its two different versions and redirecting some of the users to variation version from the original URL to know which version is more effective, multivariate testing is done using the software programs to dynamically insert/alter the components on a webpage and record the user interaction/behavior with all the combinations and identify the most effective combination. Google recommends using 302 temporary redirect while running the A/B testing in your website.
Question7. How to decrease the bounce rate of a webpage? – Using strong Call to Action within the text of the webpage (Known as contextual CTA), alongside with the content, improving design of the page, adding links to the related content, increase the speed of webpage loading, designing easy and user friendly navigation and overall creating a responsive design.
Question8. Why we use noodp in Meta robot tag? – To block the open directory project description from displaying in the search results, applies only to websites which are listed in ODP, i.e. dmoz.org.
Question9. What is Meta refresh tag, should we use it? – Meta refresh tag on a webpage send the user to another url after a specified period of time, typically in seconds. It is not recommended, rather use server side 301 redirect.
Question10. What are breadcrumb? – Breadcrumb is a website navigation system that clearly states the structure of website to both the users and the search engines, in case, making search engines clearly identify the structure ofwebsite, the microformats tags for breadcrumbs should be embedded in the HTML.
Question11. Is there a way we can tell Google that a particular webpage contains the Adult content? – Yes, we can do it by adding one of these two meta tags to that webpage 
1.    <meta name="rating" content="adult" /> OR
2.    <meta name="rating" content="RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA" />
Question12. How Google treat links in PDF files? – Same as in the HTML pages, these passes the page rank, indexing signals and other data, it is not possible to nofollow the links in PDF files.

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